"Sister Girl..." 

Author * Radio Show Host * Life Coach * Workshop Speaker
Empowerment Conference Host * Graphic Designer



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Minister Celeste’s high-impact workshops are empowering, effective, engaging, informative and memorable.  Minister Celeste is a leader and a thought provoking communicator.  Her "emotional intelligence" is an awakening force through her presentations with a “Real Talk” approach.  She provides principles that inspire and ignite her audiences to develop and expand their purpose and passion as they live their life purpose.

Minister Celeste specializes in coaching women through transition and into balanced, healthy, purposeful lives of their choosing.  She has personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients, and is passionate about helping women create their true purposeful lives, grounded in the creativity and resourcefulness.

Minister Celeste believes that time is precious and that by living the process of the promise fully awake and curious, each individual is capable of creating a deeply fulfilling life, grounded in passion and purpose.


Minister Celeste is a career para-professional with over 15 years of administrative experience in the Legal industry as well as Church & Ministry Administration.  In this capacity, she produces quality work under rigorous pressure and is able to deliver to meet close deadlines.  Minister Celeste is a person with exceptional computer skills, organization and planning skills.  Minister Celeste also possesses a professional level of customer confidentiality and honesty that is an asset to all of her clients. 

"Sister Girl..." Workshops

DATING & RELATIONSHIPS | Sister Girl... It's Not That Serious!

WALKING IN DESTINY & PURPOSE | And the Sister Said, "Amen!"

PURPOSE DEVELOPMENT | Breaking the Chains and Bursting Into Breakthrough

DESTINY Coaching Services

Life Challenges

Book Publishing, Ghostwriting, Graphic Design & Marketing

Business, Non-Profit Organization and Ministry Start-Up

Ministry Consulting

Conference and Event Planning

DESTINY Workshops

  • DESTINY:  Where Do I Begin?

How to develope a vision.  Discovering your destiny.  A vision development workshop.  What is Vision Anyway?  The personal vision framework and core identity.

  • Marketing on a Minimum

How to develop your purpose without spending extraordinary dollars for the cost of start-up and maintenance.  How to market to get your message out to your customers on a regular basis at minimal cost, with a classy and professional effectivity.

  • Turning Idle Time into Productivity

How to use time wisely and eliminate procrastination.  Idle Time equates to Procrastination in many cases.  How to multi-task and juggle multiple projects with time efficiency and less stress.

  • "Destiny on a Dollar" (Turning Obstacles into Opportunity)

How to use life experiences as opportunities to establish and/or expand purpose.  How to develop your purpose without spending extraordinary dollars for the cost of start-up and maintenance.

  • Savvy Social in Social Networking

Are you ready to become active in social media as part of your marketing effort?  How to establish a savvy presence in the social media.

  • Making the Net Work for Your Net Worth

How to develop a network presence on a minimum budget.  Tools, tips and tricks that are economically efficient.

  • Stagnation in the Process of the Promise

How to overcome reaching a plateau in ministry or business that presents a comfortable contentment.  How to overcome the doing the bare minimum – isn’t that enough?  

Virtual Administration

DESTINY Virtual Administration's core practice and specialty is that of administration, providing a variety of services, included but not limited to:


  • Scheduling Appointments

Schedule appointments, client communication and maintenance, organize meetings, schedule meetings, reschedule in case cancellation of meetings, take  minutes of meetings acknowledging members about agenda of meeting and distribution of necessary information after meeting.

  • Drafting of Correspondence and Other Documents

Secretarial services such as delivering, writing, researching, and editing services as well as secretarial services.  Further services also include data entry, accounting, desktop publishing, bookkeeping, PowerPoint presentations.

  • Website Maintenance. Marketing and Social Networking

Graphic and website design, offline and online promotion and specialized business services.  Development of different marketing strategies in order to advertises to client's consumers and make an effort also to understand what it is that their consumers are looking for.

  • Creative and Technical Services

Coordinates production of a variety of corporate and marketing communications materials; Designs and develops multimedia presentations combining still images, sound, text, video, and animations. Creates presentations for CDs, websites, and interactive media.