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"Evangelist Celeste Kelley's Sister Girl. . . It's Not That Serious!! is a power-packed 'Blueprint' that helps the reader travel a charted course to their destiny. With an honest and loving style of ministry, Evangelist Celeste walks you through the Scriptures and encourages you to reexamine your heart and motives to avoid making turns in life that could steer you away from your God-ordained path. I highly recommend this book for any sister girl who is discouraged or has lost her way. ~La Veeta Ivory, Author of "Bitch Mentality"

"It was a pleasure having Minister Kelley on the show, especially sharing such an uplifting and encouraging word. A lot of sisters and brothers alike can use some of the tools and information in this book." ~Sean Hardin, "The Hardest Working Man in Gospel" | 1440 AM - WDRJ

"The discussion was lively and thought-provoking. This book had a little bit of something for everyone to think about no matter what age or stage of life they find themselves in. This is a book to share with all the sisterfriends you have." ~Enna A. Bachelor, Director of Reading Divas Book Club
"It's a wonderful book for young women or any women who are struggling to find themselves. There is so much wisdom in it that can save women a lot of grief and help them to avoid the pitfalls so many of us learned the hard way due to lack of resources to help guide us. It's a well written book that gives women multiple opportunities to see reflections of themselves." ~ Ola Hemphill

"2007 was defintely a year for spiritual renewal and confirmation. The authors that really helped me in this area were: Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Minister Celeste (Sister Girl... It's Not That Serious), Alethea Mesadieu, Vivi Monroe Congress & Robert T. Sells." ~ Monique, "Deltareviewer"

"Compelling for the times of this day, the book certainly speaks to the issues of both married and single women if they would only recognize the Lord has a call on their lives, and push toward those things the Lord has called them to do, as Celeste has eloquently captured in this book." ~ Rev. Dr. Jim Holley, Pastor of The Historic Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church - Detroit, MI

"I have read the book and Evangelist Celeste certainly has a heart for women and loves God..."  ~ First Lady Loretta Morman, Christian Tabernacle Church - Southfield, MI

"It's a wake up call for women that have inside issues about other women when they can't handle their success or their blessings... it's a wake up call to check yourself before you wreck yourself!"~ Elect Lady Buenita Z. Bishop, Prayer Room Ministries - Saginaw, MI

"Instead of reaching for a man... remember that He is the only that will satisfy whole heartedly..." Encouraged Supporter, K. Hutchings

"If you will receive the Word of God with a teachable Spirit, your soul can be saved." Encouraged Supporter, E. Bachelor

"I didn't put it down until I had read the whole thing. There is power in that book. I wish that every woman in the world could read this book... I truly felt light after reading the book... I deal with a lot of hateraid and now I will be able to handle it God's way." ~Minister Teresa Coleman, Pastor of New Journey Nondenominational Church

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God's favor is all around you and his divine Grace will keep you covered. Minister Kelley clearly provides a road map to guide you through situations that you may encounter. When you allow God to take the reigns, you will acquire all of your wildest dreams. The prayers, journaling space, and ideas on how you can overcome will encourage you to continue pressing through your road blocks.

This 52-page interactive book and accompanying CD will assist you focusing your prayers and releasing stress. The words and songs will impact your life with God's divine love. The lessons are timely and clearly tied to the Word of God. Share this book with your sister friends, bible study group and Sunday School class. And The Sisters Said, "Amen!" is the second installment in the Sister Girl series…make sure you pick up the first book too.

Deltareviewer - June 1, 2008

Star Rating 4****

Reviewing for Real Page Turners

Thought you'd overcome that one obstacle in your life only to realize that you've only just jumped over ONE of many hurdles? Not sure of which path to take, while in search of that new adventure? Are you second guessing yourself about why you quit your last job?

Author Minister Celeste helps the reader map out their way while traveling on Destiny's Road...no she doesn't tell you which road to take or if you should walk, run or hop a bus...she urges you to keep the faith, and remember people are watching you waiting for you to fail, but Destiny's Road is there for all of us full of vision and promise...but it's not always easy getting there!

Minister Celeste's newest edition to her "Sister Girl... Series" (And The Sisters Said "Amen!") is an excellent book filled with strategies and how to get pass the many road blocks that sometimes break us down and have us heading in the wrong direction.

There is a section in the book called "The Mental Thought Patterns of a Hitch-Hiker". I loved this section where the author broke down the thought process of a user/hitch-hiker!!!

This mini-book along with the inspirational CD certainly should not sit on a book shelve; but should be kept handy to refer to in times of uncertainty and when in need of guidance.
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!"
Locksie - ARC Book Club, Inc. - March 2, 2008
Star Rating 5*****
"Sister Girl...It's Not That Serious!!" Are seven chapters designed to help redirect unsavory experiences into positive ones, while learning to give God more control and to better understand him. Evangelist Celeste lays it down short and to the point; no talking in circles here! With catchy titles such as "I Just Can't Shut up!" each chapter has a "scenario" along with a set of morals to help guide a woman along the road to not only understanding herself but learning to trust in God.

This was a good easy read, and the way how the book is worded, it was almost like Evangelist Celeste and I were sitting down chatting like old girlfriends.

Amen Sister!
Sister Girl... It's Not That Serious
Locksie - ARC Book Club, Inc. - February 2, 2008
Star Rating 4.5****
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!", a powerful inspirational guide by Celeste Kelley. We are all dogged daily by the common trappings of life - heartbreak, depression, rejection, loneliness - but our struggles don't have to be in vain. In convincing fashion, Minister Kelley provides scriptural confirmation that our breakthrough and ultimate healing are actually closer than we think.
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!"
Ghostwriter Extraordinaire - January 31, 2008
There Are Experts, And Then There Are EXPERTS

Don't understand why you can't get that promotion you've been wanting for months? Are your bills steadily piling up - and you don't see an end in sight? Can't seem to leave that man alone - no matter how hard you try?

Regardless of whether your answer is "Yes" to one or all of the above questions, And The Sisters Said, "Amen!" is the book for you. In just over 50 pages, Minister Celeste outlines both a comprehensive breakdown of the most common problems currently facing contemporary women, as well as a detailed strategy for finally overcoming them.

In reflecting on everyone's individual path down "Destiny's Road," Celeste makes astute observations of the roadblocks and setbacks confronting us all: debt, friend/family drama, and loneliness, just to name a few. With keen insight supported by scriptural confirmation, she analyzes both the cause and cure of each common affliction with convincing cogency. Also, the deft touch of her applied wisdom serves as the proverbial "spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down," making it easier for the reader to digest the uncomfortable truths of his/her lifestyle.

The most rewarding aspect of And The Sisters Said, "Amen!" is Celeste's insistence upon affirming the positive over the negative; in so doing, she infuses the reader with the subconscious strength to look beyond whatever short-term drawbacks s/he may face in favor of the long-term benefits of putting faith & determination into action.

The Self-Help market is flooded with many so-called "experts" offering, at best, general, vague advice and broad-based assumptions regarding conflict-resolution and self-improvement. Quite the opposite, Minister Celeste has prepared a compelling read of remarkable power and flawless logic, and the passion of her testimony will surely leave a lasting impact on many a troubled soul for years to come.
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!"
APEX Reviews - January 14, 2008
Star Rating 5*****
This book is a wonderful read from Author/Minister Celeste Kelley. If you are in transition of being switched from ordinary to extraordinary by the hands of God, then this series will take you on a journey of forewarning you of what lies ahead on the road to destiny. The complimentary C.D. at the end of this book is an added bonus with spoken word and wonderful music by the Author herself. Truly this is a must have in the lives of women ministers worldwide!
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!"
Rating Christian Authors - December 15, 2007
Star Rating 5*****
The Traveling Ministry

And The Sisters Said, "Amen!" by Minister Celeste Kelley is a Sunday sermon, with a hint of criticism. Minister Celeste takes one on a journey through life's trials-and-tribulations, letting you decide the best road to take. With scriptural quotes and interpretations along with the inspirational CD included, you cannot go wrong with a good church sermon in your pocketbook.

I read this mini book in one sitting on a train ride home, while I was trying to unwind and look for answers to what is going on in my life. Minister Celeste seemed to have reached out of that book and took ahold of me, because not only could I hear her words but I could feel them. Rest assure "The Sisters Said, Amen!" I felt like getting off that train and yelling "Preach IT!"

The testimonials and journal capabilities in this book are great. Minister Celeste feeds you some ideas and lets you come up with your own conclusions. The CD was great, with a touch of a preacher's morning service, a recap of the book and some music to get you through your day. I have shelved the book and put the cd on my Ipod!

Great job Minister Celeste, I now have church in my handbag! I recommend this book to all people looking for some insight and a simple reminder that God died for us. This book will help you renew your faith, trust and understanding in life and who you are meant to be in this world.
And The Sisters Said, "Amen!" - Reviewed by: Cheryl H
APOOO BookClub
Have you ever wanted to tell you Sistah Friend to shut up, set down and tell it to God cause you don't want to hear it? I have and Evangelist Celeste just helped me do it in her pocket book ? Sister Girl?It's Not That Serious: Blueprints on the Road To Your Destiny.

This simply written 40-page compilation, of seven sermon-like chapters is written for women. Evangelist Celeste tells it like it is using urban language to discuss real life issues that all sistahs face. Learn how to shake those haters off with love and apply the Fruits of the Spirit to overcome. Recognize that you are a DIVA because you have an abundant life featuring the PMS method. Leave the "whatever" attitude behind you and seek out the Lord's will for your life. Discern when to shut up because God needs to be quiet so you can hear Him in order to follow His lead. Wake up and give your whole life to the Lord. Then and only then, will you totally surrender and see the glory of His riches are at your disposal.

Evangelist Celeste has related key problems of our lives to scripture. The principles presented should hit home for the sistah on the go. The lessons are tangible and all tied to the Word. Definitely, a book every sistah should keep by their bedside and give to all their friends. Don't miss your blessings because haters have you preoccupied. Sister Girl?It's Not That Serious!
Sister Girl... It's Not That Serious!!
Reviewed by Deltareviewer Reviewing for Real Page Turners
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In a short, but powerful book, Celeste Kelley gives practical advice on issues that plague women, regardless of race, creed or color. Her topics of discussion include giving God total control of our lives, the importance of prayer and meditation, being still and quiet so that we can hear the voice of God instructing us in the way we should go, and the addiction of "hateraide" - a bitter drink made with guile, hypocrisy, jealousy, sugared with gossip, and stirred with malice. Kelley also stresses that we are royalty, Spiritual DIVA's - Divinely Intended for Victory and Abundance, and we should conduct ourselves as such.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm finally realizing the burdens I carry, the crosses I bear, are mostly of my own making and I need to lay it all at the feet of Jesus and trust and believe when He promised He cares for me and would not give me more than I can bear. And while I've heard the messages many times in SISTER GIRL...IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS, reading it at this particular time in my life really brought home the fact that I need to let go and let God, and understand every situation is really not that serious.
Relax, relate, release....
Sister Girl... It's Not That Serious!!
Reviewed by an Amazon user, 2007