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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Minister Celeste Kelley, an Extraordinary Woman

I am so delighted to have with me today a woman full of integrity, strength, character and determination. I've watched her for the past year or so and I know that she is who she claims to be. I present the lady of the day, Minister Celeste Kelley!

~ Hello Celeste. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, thanks for this opportunity. Well, what can I say... you know I ask people this question all the time, but when it's time to talk about myself all I can say is I'm what God has made me to be. He allowed me to mother a son at the age of 16 at a time when teenage pregnancy was on the rise and I was "suppose to" become a statistic. However, since that time, He has allowed me to live in my most-desired career in the legal profession, He has blessed me musically to be Minister of Music for prominent churches in Detroit, Michigan, get my Paralegal degree, my Bible Diploma, author two (2) books which was the start of the journalistic ministry He gave me (The "Sister Girl..." Series), write songs to accompany the second book of the series, co-found a Women's Ministry (The SISTAHS Ministry), host a radio show and lastly, but certainly not least, preach the Gospel. It is in Him and through Him that I have my being.

~ Tell us about your radio program and how that came about.

Write The Vision Radio Show is an extension of the second book of The "Sister Girl..." Series (And The Sisters Said, "Amen!") and it is Title Track for the Chapter Compilation that accompanies that particular book. It was birthed out of a walk of obedience to God, TOTALLY. I never dreamed and aspired to do what I am doing in my life right now, being a preacher, an author or a radio show host. I was blessed and gifted at an early age musicially, so I always saw myself playing for a mega-church. I was standing in the TV studio of WHPR waiting to be interviewed by Pastor Ovella Davis when I heard the commercial for radio spots available and I went for it... that's where the story begins, but I still don't know the ending because God is yet blessing.

~ As a minister, what one thing would you pour into women today?

SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER AND STAY HUMBLE! There is so much hateration going on in this world and humility takes a back seat when so many are blessed with the least bit of notariety, popularity and fame. Some tend to forget that they had to start somewhere, and they weren't the first to blaze the way... they are walking on the trail the Lord blazed through someone else so that they could have the opportunity to go down that same road. Show yourself friendly... remember, in order to have friends you must show yourself friendly. I would also like to share with women to keep their focus on God: Single women looking for your husband - there are things the Lord wants to bless you with first, and some things He wants from you as well. While you're busy working, your husband will find you - just continue the work! Married women - don't allow your husband to hold you back from the things the Lord has impregnated you with. In those difficult times and places of marriage, it is encumbent upon you to stay in God's face in order that you may fulfill His purpose for your life in the midst of what may be a hard marriage.

~ In ministry, what issue do you find yourself dealing with most often?

Acceptance. Jealousy. These two things have been existent in my life for so long, it's a way of living for me. When the Lord blesses one to be multi-gifted and talented, people tend to say "What now?" I almost feel like not saying anything when the Lord blesses me to move higher in a lot of things, but again, I am everything He made me to be and I don't know why He chose me to bless, but I'm glad He did!

~ What challenges have you faced being a woman in ministry?

Women in ministry catch it! We have to work to gain the acceptability of everyone around us - from family to friends to people on the street. Amazingly enough, however, when a man says he's been called into preaching ministry no one says an utter word - however, he could have only said that because it's a desire he has, believing it's glamorous and he can "pull some women" from the pulpit. I am very passionate about this because God has called both men and women, male and female, to deliver His Word. I had my first encounter where I was told I couldn't sit in the pulpit because "I'm working on them..." I believe I have became more aggressive about ministry because of that. I don't have anything to prove to anyone personally, but they will know that God can do a work through anyone, and it's so important that I see lives change through the ministry He's given me.

~ Please share anything else you'd want our readers to know.

Diligence does not go unrewarded. If anyone looks at what another has in abundance and thinks that it didn't cost them anything, they couldn't be more wrong! Count up the cost before you want to water the grass across the street because it looks greener. What God gives anyone does come with a price and how much that is, we don't know looking on the outside. Be faithful over a little and He will bless you with much. Stay focused on God and obedient to His Word - delight yourself in Him and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

~ Give us contact information, websites, etc.

Minister Celeste Kelley, Co-Founder & Director, The S.I.S.T.A.H.S. Ministry

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E-Mail: MinisterCeleste@yahoo.com
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Author of The "Sister Girl..." Series
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Kimberly's Book and Author Picks said...

Another great interview, Lacresha. I enjoyed learning about Minister Kelley. She's a very wonderful woman and it shows in her writing. She comes across as down to earth and approachable.

I like that you have added interviews to your blog too. Good idea!


PS: I made a small donation for the work you do with former victims. I wish it could have been more.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful interview with a beautiful person.

Made a $5 donation. I know the strains of domestic violence.

Erica Newton said...

Great interview. I've ordered the books. Thanks for putting our attention on Minister Kelley.